Your Mess is Our Business

Service Policies

Payment Policy
• Residential clients are required to pay for each appointment upon services rendered. If residential clients are not home during their scheduled cleaning appointments, they are encouraged to leave their payment on the kitchen counter so that a J’s Clean Sweep representative can collect it, or coordinate their payment with Jamie Darrow ahead of time. If a residential client is not home during their scheduled cleaning and a payment is not left for J’s Clean Sweep to conduct the scheduled cleaning, the appointment will be considered a last-minute cancellation and a cancellation fee will be invoiced/billed to the client. J’s Clean Sweep accepts cash or check, with checks made payable to J’s Clean Sweep.

• Commercial clients will be invoiced/billed during the last week of each month, and payment is due NET 10. All checks should be made to J’s Clean Sweep.

All invoices/bills that are issued to clients that go unpaid will accrue a 5% interest fee every 30 days that the invoice/bill goes unpaid.

Cancellation Policy
All appointment cancellations are required to be telephoned in by providing your name and date(s) of appointments that are being cancelled. All appointment cancellations must be made thirty-six (36) hours or more in advance of your appointment. If your appointment is cancelled less than thirty-six hours before your appointment (weekends and holidays included) you will be charged a 50% late cancellation fee, which is 50% of your normal cleaning appointment fee. The only exception to this policy is inclement weather. Should you cancel less than twenty-four hours in advance of your appointment, you will be mailed a cancellation invoice with the date and time of cancellation, as well as the incurred cancellation fee. You will be required to pay this cancellation fee before your next scheduled cleaning appointment.
Calling to cancel on the morning of a scheduled appointment or two hours prior to the appointment is inappropriate. We understand that emergencies arise, and that you may need to occasionally cancel your cleaning appointment with less than twenty-four hours’ notice. However, please reserve those cancellations for emergencies only. We value and respect your time, and we ask that you do the same.

Holiday Cancellations
Any appointment cancellation that falls during a holiday week (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) are required to be telephoned in by providing your name and date(s) of appointments that are being cancelled. Any appointment cancellation must be made seventy-two (72) hours or more in advance of your scheduled appointment. If an appointment cancellation is made less than seventy-two hours advance notice you will be charged a 65% late cancellation fee that will be required to be paid before your next cleaning appointment. There are no exceptions to this Holiday Cancellation policy, because the holidays are very busy for J’s Clean Sweep. J’s Clean Sweep has 115 plus clients that have residential and commercial cleanings during the month, and during the holidays there are also numerous one-time cleanings that get scheduled. Please be courteous with your cancellations, especially during holiday weeks.

Cancellation of Services
Clients are not required to sign a contract with J’s Clean Sweep, therefore they can cancel services at any time. If a client would like to cancel services with J’s Clean Sweep, please call Jamie Darrow at (607)425-6932. After cancelling services, we do encourage providing feedback on your services and reason for cancellation. This will allow J’s Clean Sweep’s cleaning staff to enhance performance and obtain knowledge of the cleaning staff’s job performed.

If a client – residential or commercial – does not make their payments as required by J’s Clean Sweep’s Payment Policy (listed above), the client will be taken off J’s Clean Sweep’s regular cleaning schedule, that appointment spot will be forfeited, and that client will not be able to schedule any more cleanings with J’s Clean Sweep until payment is received in full.